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The ODA Wellness Trust has contracted with Medical Mutual of Ohio to provide certain administrative functions to the Trust, as well as to access their broad health care provider network.  Medical Mutual’s SuperMed PPO Network is a statewide network that includes nearly every health care provider in Ohio and 99 percent of the hospitals and is available to the members who elect to enroll in the PPO plans offered by the ODA Wellness Trust.

Through the SuperMed PPO, you and your employees can access the doctors and hospitals you know and trust. Whether you are a current or future member, you can see if your preferred providers are in the network by clicking here. You should always check to make sure doctors are in-network prior to any service.

When traveling, enter the address where you are located.  You will be directed to Aetna Open Choice PPO Network if the address is outside the SuperMed PPO Network.

Find a Provider


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