Explore Health Benefits for Dentists

Acquiring health benefits for you and your family and offering your entire team access to health benefits through the ODA Wellness Trust is simple and affordable.

We offer a large network of providers

We have partnered with Medical Mutual of Ohio to access its broad health care provider network.  Medical Mutual’s SuperMed PPO Network is a statewide network that includes nearly every health care provider in Ohio and 99 percent of the hospitals. Click here to see if your provider is in our network.

We have a wide range of deductible options to fit many different needs

We offer traditional benefit plans with different deductible levels and Health Savings Account plans. We’ll work with you to help you find the best plan to fit your needs. Click here to compare plans.

No employer contribution is required

Employer dentists must offer access to this plan, but they don’t have to pay a penny; the employer is not required to make any contribution to their employees’ costs. You can contribute as much or little as is best for your bottom line.

We save you and your staff money

Our plan can be purchased through a payroll deduction and paid with pre-tax dollars. The employee gets a tax break on the monthly costs of at least 15 percent, and the employer saves the social security matching tax too.

We provide better administrative support

We work to make insurance easier for you and your staff. We promise that you’ll always have attentive, responsive customer service from a team dedicated to ODA members and their staffs. We guide you through every step of the enrollment process and help relieve the administrative burden dental offices might encounter with other health plans. While you and your team focus on dentistry, we will focus on your health and wellness. Click here to meet our team.

You can gain access to health benefits for you, your family and your staff

Preventive care and more affordable access to health care prevents you and your employees from taking extended periods of sick leave, allowing your practice to be more productive and profitable. Plus, providing health benefits to your staff can help improve staff retention in your office.

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