Cover your team at zero cost to you!

We offer an employer plan that actually saves you money! The ODA Wellness Trust is an employer plan, but it does not have to cost the employer anything. By joining the ODA Wellness Trust, employers must offer their employees access to the plan, but no employer contribution is required. In fact, it may even save employers money because the cost of the plan can be deducted from employee paychecks with pre-tax dollars, which saves both the employer and the employee money.

Available exclusively to ODA members and their staffs

The ODA Wellness Trust is a unique health benefits plan that can’t be found anywhere else, and it’s a health network created by dentists for dentists to meet their specific needs. Another unique aspect of the ODA Wellness Trust is that it is a self-insured plan, which means the plan uses the money it collects from participants to pay the claims.

Access to a large network of providers

The ODA Wellness Trust has contracted with Medical Mutual of Ohio to provide certain administrative functions to the Trust, as well as to access their broad health care provider network.  Medical Mutual’s SuperMed PPO Network is a statewide network that includes nearly every health care provider in Ohio and 99 percent of the hospitals and is available to the members who elect to enroll in the PPO plans offered by the ODA Wellness Trust.

Through the SuperMed PPO, you and your employees can access the doctors and hospitals you know and trust. Whether you are a current or future member, you can see if your preferred providers are in the network by clicking here. You should always check to make sure doctors are in-network prior to any service.

A wide range of deductible and plan options

The ODA Wellness Trust offers eight different plans with deductible options ranging from $250 to $6,000, including health savings accounts. To compare plans, click here.

Participation criteria

New offices joining must meet the minimum participation criteria for group coverage which includes:

1. The office must be a legal entity

2. The dentist must be a member in good standing of the ODA

3. The dentist must be engaged in full-time practice where an employer/employee relationship exists

4. Employers must offer their employees access to the plan, but no employer contribution is required

  • If an employer chooses to make a contribution it must be on a non-discrimination basis
  • Employers can set their full-time employment requirement between 25 hours (minimum) and 30 hours per week
  • Employees may decline the coverage. Click here to complete the Waiver Table for those employees who decline the coverage.

5. Participation requirements are based on the number of employees enrolled versus the number of employees eligible

We’re here to help!

ODA Services Corp. representatives can walk you through the various health care benefit options available through the ODA Wellness Trust. Plus, ODA Services Corp. staff provides support throughout the whole process, making it as turn-key as possible and helping to relieve the administrative burden that offices might encounter with other health plans. Contact us at insurance@oda.org or (614) 486-2700.

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